The Purpose


March is National Criminal Justice Month. Established by the United StatesCongress in 2009, its purpose is to promote societal awareness around thecauses and consequences of crime, as well as strategies for preventing andresponding to crime.


Prevention Zone, Inc. will recognize excellence within the criminal justice system through its annual Circles of Excellence Criminal Justice Awards Reception by recognizing individuals, public officials, organizations, celebrities, activists, and community leaders from across Texas whose exceptional efforts or outstanding service have led to positive changes in the criminal justice system.

Over 600,000 individuals return from incarceration each year. When youdonate to Prevention Zone you are helping to provide services to individualsthat have been stigmatized, marginalized, and removed from opportunity. Youare also helping to build a nationwide movement of individuals who tirelessly

work to ensure that criminal justice reform stays at the forefront of the nationalconversation.

By supporting the Prevention Zone, your organization affirms its commitmentto address the institutional barriers in the justice system.

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