The Purpose


The Catalyst for Change Community Forum, organized by Prevention Zone Inc., serves as a platform to bring hope and awareness to the criminal justice system. The tagline, "Bringing Hope and Awareness to the Criminal Justice System," encapsulates the event's primary purpose.

This forum is particularly significant annually in October as it aligns with International Wrongful Conviction Day, observed on October 2nd. The forum aims to shed light on various aspects of the criminal justice system, focusing on fostering understanding and awareness.

The event features four plenary sessions, each addressing crucial issues within the criminal justice landscape. These sessions cover wrongful convictions, juvenile justice, prison parole, and probation. Additionally, a special session is dedicated to addressing the latest topics in criminal justice, ensuring that the forum remains relevant and responsive to emerging challenges and developments in the field.

Through these comprehensive discussions and informative sessions, the Catalyst for Change Community Forum seeks to actively contribute to criminal justice reform by promoting awareness, advocating for change, and providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration within the community.