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Saturday, October 2, 2021
MATCH 3400 Main St., Houston, TX 77002

Since the death of George Floyd and the economic disruption caused by the pandemic,

Americans have engaged in a national conversation about policing and equities in the justice system and the inadequacy of our public health system to meet the needs of people with mental health and substance use disorders. 

1st Plenary Session
Criminal Justice Reform

Judge Ramona Franklin_edited_edited.jpg

Judge Ramona Franklin,

338th Criminal District Court of Harris County

Ft. Bend ADA Roderick Rodgers

Attorney Roderick Rodgers,

Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office


Dr. Jermaine Johnson,

Therapist Marla Proctor.jpg

Wendy Wolsky-Proctor

License Professional Counselor working in a Crisis Counseling

2nd Plenary Session
Prison, Parole, Probation

Carlos Wallace.jpg

Carlos Wallace

Professor, Author, Podcast Host, Screenwriter, Actor, Philanthropist


Daphine Jack

Founder and CEO of Prevention Zone, Inc, Criminal Justice Expert, Podcast  Host, Author, Speaker

Percy L_edited.jpg

Percy Kennedy, Jr.

Founder and CEO of Voices of the Fatherless, Author and Speaker

Vincent Haywood.jpg

Vincent Haywood

Author, Certified Master Life Coach, Founder of 

3rd Plenary Session
Youth Justice

Moderator Alexandria Jack.jpg

Alexandria Jack

Podcast Host and

Social Media Expert

Dr. LaDonna Brown.png
profile (1).jpg

Alfredo Alberto Panelist

Family and Community Health Extension Agent for Prairie View

A&M University

Edwin Debrow.png

Edwin Debrow

Advocate for Youth

Therapist Erica Anderson.jpg

Dr. LaDonna Brown

Erica Anderson

Professor, Juvenile Criminal

Justice Expert

Therapist, Teacher, and Author


Daphne Jack,

Founder and CEO of Prevention Zone Inc, Criminal Justice Expert, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker

Anna Vasquez 1.jpg

Anna Vasquez,

Exoneree and Director of Outreach and Education at Innocence Project of Texas

Christopher Scott.jpg

Christopher Scott,

Exoneree, Author, Founder and CEO of House of Renewed Hope

Therapist Esmeralda Alamia

Esmeralda Alamia

4th Plenary Session Wrongful Conviction

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

and Therapist

2020 Catalyst for Change
Virtual Forum

The purpose of this forum was to start a conversation about criminal justice reform, mental health, and the influence of the media on society.

Thank you for being a "Catalyst for Change"!

Moderator: Alexandria Jack, Communication Director PZI

Jenna & Brianna Jack, Jack Girl Magic 

Liz Faublus, Million$Pen Inc

Dr. Jermaine Justice, Criminal Justice Professor at Lonestar College

Keith & Akira Jerome

Deputy Jonathon Preston

Ramona Smith-Hall

Moderator: Alexandria Jack, Communication Director PZI

Dr Michelle Wiggins

Deputy Jonathon Preston

Dr. Cherry Sawyerr, Lone Star College

Mrs. Erica Anderson

Moderator: Alexandria Jack, Communication Director PZI

Mrs. Cheryl Gabriel - Educator

Coach Michael Lindsey - Lamar Football Head Coach

Mrs. Erica Anderson-Therapist
Dr. Michelle Wiggins - Therapist

Moderator: Alexandria Jack, Communication Director PZI

Nicholas Angellino - Founder & Director of Students of Wrongfully Convicted

Nigel Quiroz - Innocence Project of New York

Mrs. Erica Anderson-Therapist

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