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Positive Youth Development Program

Supporting and Encouraging

Objective:  Is to assist the youth in developing critical thinking and learning how to approach difficult situation and maintaining a positive outlook.

  • Class Design

    • Through interactive teaching, participating in exercises, small group discussion, classroom discussion, and role-playing

    • 6 Weeks

      • 3 Workshops

      • 3 Field Trips

        • Workshop 1: 21st Century Justice System

        • Workshop 2: Embracing Who You Are-Anti-Bullying

        • Workshop 3: Staying Focus-The Importance of School and Life Skill Masterclass

        • Field Trip 1

        • Field Trip 2

        • Field Trip 3

  • Development Class Goal

  • Increased protective factors; reduction in risky behavior

  • Higher grades and expectation to go to college

  • Higher rates of successful transitions into adulthood

  • Improved social and emotional outcomes

  • Greater likelihood of contributing to their communities

  • Less Depression  

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